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  • Welcome to the Borgo Eolie Hotel in Lipari You’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming… A golden dream of the sun, the tang of the sea in the air and a crystalline sea reflecting the colour of the sky… A Mediterranean dream. Watching over you as you dream, pieces of history: the castle, the cathedral, the acropolis and the necropolis, the archaeological museum… Your travelling companions: the volcanoes, the cliffs, the islands, the bays and seashore grottos, the tranquillity of your residence, the politeness of the locals… The joys of the Aeolian Islands all start at the Hotel Borgo Eolie… and go wherever you want them to…

    A brand-new hotel that reflects the typical style of architecture in the Aeolian Islands, right in the middle of Lipari, just 600 metres from the historic centre (Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Marina Corta) and only 150 metres from the beach at Porto delle Genti. There you can hire boats or catch a shuttle to the most famous beaches around the island (although swimming is not advised owing to the size of the beach and other watercraft). The hotel is, however, just 2-3 km from the renowned Canneto beaches. Book excursions to other islands in the archipelago in the small square of Marina Corta, only 600 metres from the hotel.

    un soggiorno esclusivo nel cuore della splendida isola di Lipari

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