Borgo Eolie Hotel Lipari

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got rooms with a sea view?

Some of our rooms have a limited view of the sea, for which there is no extra charge.

How far is the ferry port from the hotel?

The ferry port is about 900m away.

How close are the Canneto beaches?

About 3km. These can be reached by bus or boat from the harbour. There is a regular free shuttle service between the hotel and the harbour. You can also book this service (limited number of seats).

What are the regular religious festivities in Lipari?

Easter Sunday and the Feastday of St. Bartholomew (patron saint of the island) on 24th August.

What excursions do you recommend?

Excursion/trip to the islands of Panarea and Stromboli, by fishing boat or the local motorboat service. Admire the fantastic bays and islands around Panarea, the picturesque country roads on these 2 islands and the magnificient evening explosions of the Stromboli volcano, one of the few constantly active (but not dangerous) volcanoes in the world.

Excursion/trip to the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi, by fishing boat or the local motorboat service. Discover the uncontaminated natural beauty of these 2 islands, the grottoes and cliffs of Filicudi and the steep hills (with steps) of Alicudi that give you the impression of being suspended in air above the sea.

Excursion to the island of Vulcano by fishing boat, the local motorboat service or, independently, by hydrofoil (10 min.). Experience the emotion of climbing the volcano and into its crater. Admire the breathtaking scenery, amid the fumaroles and sulphur. Enjoy a dip in the famous natural mud baths on the island (3 minutes on foot from the harbour) or relax for hours in the hot springs (entrance fee). Soak up the sun on the famous black volcanic sand beach at Baia di Ponente.

Trip around the islands of Lipari and Salina, by fishing boat or the local motorboat service. Admire the bays, creeks and grottoes along the west coastline of Lipari, the pure white pumice mountains and the famous spots on Salina (Lingua, Malfa, Pollara), the setting for many a famous movie.

Visit the island of Lipari by renting a scooter or car (c. 40km roundtrip). An independent way to enjoy the unique landscape and to stop in the many small centres, with their amazing variety of beaches and natural beauty.

How far is the centre of Lipari from the hotel?

The hotel is about 500m from the beginning of the high street, the Corso. The hotel offers a free regular shuttle service for the lazy, or those with difficulty. The shuttle can also be booked (limited number of seats). It takes you to the harbour, where the Corso ends.

How far away is the closest beach?

The closest beach is the small Baia di Portinenti, about 100m from the hotel. Here you can take a boat to the main beaches on Lipari and Vulcano; you can also hire boats and rubber dinghies. The main beach on Lipari is at Canneto, about 3km from the hotel: there are bus/boat shuttle services (on payment) leaving from the harbour that is easily reached on foot or by using our free regular shuttle service, which can also be booked (limited number of seats).

How close is the Marina Corta tourist harbour?

About 600m.

How far away is the closest supermarket?

About 600m. Delivery service available.

Where are the restaurants, bars, scooter hire?

All amenities are in the historic town centre, about 500m from the hotel. Scooters can also be hired with pick-up/drop-off at the hotel.

Are there parking facilities at the hotel?

You can park our car in the hotel parking lot (unmanned), although spaces are limited. There are plenty of public parking areas nearby. The tranquillity of the island means you need not fear vandalism or theft.

Do you accept credit cards?


Do you cater for groups?

Yes, at special rates (to be agreed).

Do you offer discounts for families and small groups (e.g. 6 people)?

Yes, terms to be agreed.

Where can I get a reasonably priced meal on the island?

You can enjoy excellent meals at any price in Lipari. The hotel offers half-board meals from 18 Euro; a pizza, drink and dessert in a restaurant in the centre of the old town costs about 15 Euro; local grills offer meals for as little as 5 Euro; those wanting to eat fine food in a famous restaurant and wonderful setting can expect to pay between 40 and 60 Euro, which compares very favourably with prices charged in other tourist resorts.

Do I need a car or can I come on foot?

Cars are not necessary (those who arrive by car often end up leaving them in the hotel car park) as the town centre is so close. It also helps to avoid those parking problems, so common to all towns these days.

Is the hotel in a quiet area or are there noisy roads and busy places nearby?

The hotel offers absolute tranquillity, despite being in the centre of town. Relax in peace and quiet as the hotel is just outside the main shopping area and old town and sits back from the road.

Is the hotel in a hot, humid setting?

The hotel is at the foot of a hill in one of the best areas on the island in terms of heat and humidity.