Borgo Eolie Hotel Lipari

Rules and Regulations


1.1 The purpose of the rules and regulations adopted by “Hotel Borgo Eolie” in Lipari (ME) is to guarantee that all guests may enjoy the hotel facilities in an equal, ordered and peaceful manner. They are contractually binding on the hotel and its guests and therefore any booking enquiry and the Hotel’s acceptance of a booking imply full acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.

1.2 Anyone failing to observe these rules and regulation or any other request made by the Hotel management will be asked to leave the Hotel and may be reported to the relevant national and international tourism authorities, not to mention the Police if their behaviour is such that a crime may have been committed.

1.2 Guests are also expected to respect all the signs on Hotel property and/or to do with the Hotel.

1.3 Parents (or those legally entrusted with the care of children) are deemed wholly liable for any damage caused by their minors within the Hotel and are directly responsible for keeping an eye on them and making sure that they behave politely and respectfully to the guests and the Hotel staff. More specifically, the adult(s) responsible for children shall ensure that they respect the hours of silence, use the toilets correctly (these are not areas in which to play or hang out) and take proper care of all the equipment provided by the Hotel for its guests. Any activity that upsets another guest is forbidden. All the rules and regulations herein shall be respected.

1.4 The proper behaviour of adults and minors is contractually binding. The Hotel management therefore has the right, its decision being final, to end its contract with a guest, asking him or her to vacate the premises within 5 hours, if the latter is found to be in breach of these rules and regulations, fails to observe the common rules of civil behaviour or acts in any way that may affect the smooth running of the Hotel. The Hotel management has the right, in such a case, to retain any money already paid and to demand the outstanding amount payable, also to cover any damage; it shall also have the right to claim further damages.


2.1 Upon arrival, all guests shall hand the receptionist their identification documents and fill out the Hotel registration form. The Hotel management chooses and assigns room at its own discretion.

2.2 Children not accompanied by adults shall only be accepted if they present a waiver signed by their parents (or those legally entrusted with their care), to include a contact telephone number,  and a copy of their identification document(s).

2.3 In accordance with Italian law, the Hotel management has the right to request anyone to leave without notice if they fail to observe these rules and regulations or behave in such a way that they disturb the other guests or damage property.

2.4 Check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival; rooms are to be vacated by 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure. All prices given are per day, regardless of the actual time of arrival.


3.1 Water is a precious resource for us all and especially for those who live or stay on an island. It is therefore strictly forbidden to use water for improper purposes. Water may only be used for essential needs (personal hygiene, irrigation, etc.). Hotel guests are requested to refrain from wasting water.


4.1 Motorbikes and cars must be parked in the car park only.

4.2 Guests shall answer to the Hotel management, whose decision is final, on matters concerning obstacles or disturbance caused by improper parking and/or sanctions for illegally parked vehicles. Hotel guests hereby accept that the Hotel may remove their vehicle and impound it in a site chosen by the management and agree to refund the Hotel any costs incurred.

4.3 In order to guarantee peace and quiet for all Hotel guests, those owning or renting scooters shall only start these once away from the parking area and close to the access ramp leading onto the road.


5.1 The Hotel does not accept dogs, cats or any other animal.


6.1 Breakfast is served in the breakfast room, close to Reception, or on the adjacent terraces when the weather permits.

6.2 Hotel guests are not allowed to take food and drink served as breakfast to other areas of the Hotel (to their rooms or outside the Hotel).

6.3 Hotel guests are not allowed to take food or drink to their rooms (unless with the permission of the Hotel management) in order to guarantee health and hygiene.


7.1. Hotel bills are to be requested and paid in full the day before departure.

7.2. The Reception/Cash Desk is open from 07:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. All major credit cards and cash cards are accepted.


8.1 The Hotel offers its guests an INTERNET POINT at Reception.

8.2 This service can only be used for 15 minutes at a time, after which time it should be made available to waiting guests or left free for at least 5 minutes in order to allow other guests the chance to use it.


9.1 Rooms must be vacated by 10:30 a.m. and keys handed in to Reception, who will then check the Hotel bill (please notify Reception immediately of any breakages, etc. to avoid disputes).

9.2 The Hotel bill must be requested and paid in full on the day prior to departure (see Art. 7.1 above).


10.1 The Hotel offers a transfer service on arrival, provided guests request this by 10:00 p.m. on the day prior to arrival, indicating their estimated time of arrival.

10.2 Given that there may be flight or ferry/hydrofoil delays and traffic hold-ups, guests should inform the Hotel of their actual ferry boarding time so that the Hotel can calculate their effective time of arrival and thus guarantee a smooth transfer to the Hotel.

10.3 If arriving via ferry/hydrofoil from ports other than Milazzo (e.g. Naples, Reggio Calabria, Palermo etc.), guests are requested to inform the Hotel of the time the ferry/hydrofoil arrives at the scheduled stop prior to Lipari so that the Hotel can calculate their effective time of arrival and thus guarantee a smooth transfer to the Hotel.

10.4 Guests can make use of a free transfer service to the port by midday on the day of departure (1 ½ hours after vacating their room). Guests should inform Reception of their intended departure time, giving at least 1 hour notice. After midday, guests can no longer use the free transfer service and so should make their own arrangements.


11.1 Guests may use the Hotel facilities until  they vacate their rooms, i.e. by 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure.

11.2 The Hotel management may allow guests to continue enjoying all or some of the Hotel facilities (swimming-pool, common areas, regular/booked shuttle service) even after 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure. The Hotel’s decision is final. Guests are, in any case, still required to observe these rules and regulations up until their actual departure.


12.1 The emergency doctor and A&E numbers are listed in the welcome pack in each room and may, in any case, be obtained at Reception.

12.2 The Hotel management must be informed immediately of any suspected infectious disease.


13.1 The swimming-pool may be used by guests from 09:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Only Hotel guests may use this. For hygienic and health reasons and to guarantee the necessary privacy and tranquillity for our guests, it is absolutely forbidden to use the swimming-pool outside the above times.

13.2 For hygienic and health reasons, guests must shower before entering the swimming-pool. All guests are required to wear a swimming-cap (available at Reception).

13.3 Infants/children aged under 12 may only use the swimming-pool if accompanied by parents or a responsible adult.

13.4 Diving, ball games, other games, shouting and screaming, messing around and loud voices are prohibited in the swimming-pool area.

13.5 For hygienic and health reasons, the sun-beds can only be used when covered by a towel. Towels are available at reception (limited number). These are provided, upon request, at the start of a guest’s stay and must be returned on the day of departure. These towels must not be used for any purpose other than for covering the sun-beds and may not be taken outside the Hotel premises (to the beach, etc.). If Reception has finished all the towels available for use with the sun-beds, guests must make their own arrangements.

13.6 The swimming-pool may be booked for private functions. Hotel guests should check its availability with Reception.


14.1 All waste should be thrown into the waste bins in the rooms and bathrooms. Waste (or belongings) must not be left in the common areas.


15.1 The Hotel management cannot be held liable for the loss of the guests’ objects and/or valuables (each guest should look after his/her own belongings), for damage caused by force majeure or matters outside the control of the Hotel (bad weather, natural calamities, epidemics, disease, falling trees or branches or other plant-related events, gusts of wind, accidents connected with the sea, car vandalism or theft in the car park area or Hotel premises). No discounts may be requested, for whatever reason, to cover any actual or presumed disservice arising from the aforementioned events.


16.1 Guests are required to pay a deposit of 30% the full price of their stay on confirmation of their booking.

16.2 Guests shall paid the balance in full on the day prior to departure (check out) or within a set number of days prior to their arrival depending on the season and the terms and conditions of their booking/stay. Guests are required to inform Reception of any recent items they have taken from the mini-bar (also checked by the Hotel staff).

16.3 The payment terms for the deposit and balance are agreed between the Hotel and guests depending on the length of their stay (bank transfer, credit card or other forms of payment).

16.4 The Hotel will retain the full deposit (30% of the total price) and/or the full amount (if advance payment is necessary within a set number of days) in the event of a cancellation.


17.1 Guests are requested to refrain from making any noise (including loud voices) that may disturb the other guests from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 11:30 p.m. to 08:00 a.m. The use of radio and television is permitted, provided with moderation and, in any case, in full respect of the hours of silence.

17.2 Electrical and/or electronic instruments may not be used in Hotel rooms.

17.3 Guests are requested to dress in a decent manner in the Hotel to respect the sensitivity and sense of decency of the other guests. Guests may not wear swimming costumes or go topless outside of the swimming-pool area and the solarium.

17.4. It is forbidden to walk on flower beds or damage plants and flowers.

17.5. It is forbidden to enter private areas of the Hotel for staff access only.

17.6 It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink on the edge of the swimming-pool or in the immediate vicinity.

17.7 It is forbidden to litter the Hotel: guests must use the waste bins.

17.8 It is forbidden to enter the Hotel with weapons, knives, sticks or sharp objects.

17.9 In accordance with Italian law, the Hotel management has the right to remove anyone who fails to respect the rules and regulations or acts in such a way that they cause damage or disturbance.

17.10 The Hotel management has appointed a Security and Safety representative, who is responsible for ensuring that these rules and regulations are respected by everyone. Guests automatically accept to abide by these rules and regulations upon using the Hotel; guests are also subject to the laws of Italy and the common principles of our culture of courtesy and politeness.


18.1 All rates are per day, regardless of the actual time of arrival.


19.1 The Hotel offers its guests a free shuttle service to and from the port of Sottomonastero (the end of the main street and thus the centre of the old town and shopping area). This service can be used during the set hours and only when booked. The shuttle service can be used outside the set hours.

19.2 The shuttle service should be booked at least 2 hours prior to the required pick-up time in order to allow Reception to organise the transfer.

19.3 Guests should book the shuttle service using the form at Reception, indicating their room number and the number of people wanting to use this service. If there are not enough seats for all the people who have booked the service at a certain time, the driver will make extra trips, respecting the order of booking. If several trips are needed, the second trip will leave 10 minutes after the first, and so on.


20.1 Anyone found to have caused damage to the building, the furniture, the fittings, etc., will be held legally liable for the same. All instances of wilful damage and theft shall be reported to the Police. The Hotel staff will check the rooms at the time of departure and guests will be charged for any damage or the loss of their keys, payable when checking out.


21.1 The Hotel management reserves the right to make changes to these rules and regulations at any time. A constantly updated version of these is hung in the Hotel lobby and published on the Hotel website.